Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My secondary Blogger account has been totally messed
up by the Google takeover. I had the same background
as the web domain it was companion to, and two years
of posts.

The blog had a chat room also. It was there as of
a week and a half ago. NOW all that is there is a
sub-standard Blogger header titled "Hypnotism", NOT
"Hypnotism for Issue Resolution" as it should be.

ALL of my posts, which were informative are also gone,
as is my extensive blogroll. In my anger at finding this,
I tried to delete the account as extraneous, but lo and
behold there also seems to be no way to delete a Google
based Blogger account!

I do NOT feel like starting over. I did too much work
on that blog to have to rebuild it from scratch.

So that account will lie fallow unless I change my mind,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

This Blog will Soon be Reformatted...

I am going to get this blog up to standard soon;
I am tired of it being rejected from traffic engines
and other resources for non-compatiblilty across
browser platforms.

I have also neglected this one in particular due
to the many blogs and sites I have Web-wide. Poor
little Blog...I apologize, and the Blog-mom will soon
mend you!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


It would seem that I forgot to put a link to My Yahoo Group on this Blog...lol.
Unless of course I linked one of the titles. I may have done so and simply forgotten it.

So just in case, I am going to place an official join section in this post.

Click to join designexperiments

This Yahoo Group will show how I deal with the Web as a giant laboratory. Some experiements work out quite well...others can turn into complete disasters. I get into conflicts with Webring managers, traffic engine owners, (this blog is a perfect example of this; most traffic engines will not accept it as it is browser-specific) and sometimes even Indie Artist site GMs. When I am not in conflict, the result is usually a somewhat successful and even popular site.

That's all for today folks...

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Things a Girl Has to Do Sometimes...

Perhaps My positioning of the warnings was wrong; In any case here they are again...

"This Blog is a template experiment. Click no links on the Pentagram as the rest of the site it leads to is still under construction."

"This blog created specifically for design and functionality experiments. Posts will contain current experiments and their results. This blog is browser specific until otherwise stated. Recommended browser family Mozilla."

In atempting to drive traffic to this experimental site, I have to date, met with mostly misunderstanding. I have had a WebRing Manager actually claim it was NOT a blog at all, and demand that I remove Ring code from it. The demand was a complete impossibility, as the site had already been accepted by over 10 blogger's Rings at that point in time.

NOW to resubmit this to BlogExplosion...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ebay Away!

The title is linked to My husband's Ebay Auction list.
He is auctioning for Me things I cannot or do not wish to take to the UK.

There will be comic books, jewelry,LP records, audio CDs, and various other bits and pieces. Happy bidding!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I am Very Curious

I sometimes wonder exactly how many people from how many places visite any site I own.

The curiousity has gotten too hard to bear, so I will attempt to correct this thusly. For the months of January and February, all who visit The HypnoGoddess through this blog are asked to complete the following tasks; a) comment to this post with the following information: age, gender, geo, hair/eye color. Names are not necessary.
Geo is location for those who may be acronymically challenged.
b) click the title link to visit the site it leads to, and if interested, play at least one selection from the Artist's song list.
c) if the visitor is a blogger, whether or not he reached this site through BlogExplosion, he make the site link on his comment his blog so that I may reciprocate with a visit. Who knows? I might have you Blogmarked already!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Experiment 3

I am checking DNS propagation today. The ftp directory for the title link came online just before I posted this; however one still cannot load the site as yet.

I will go out for coffee come back and check again as this may be a wait for server update rather than for DNS prop. We shall see...the whole WWW is My lab after all!

This is a template experiment. Click no links on the Pentagram as the rest of the site it leads to is still under construction.